I received my first camera at the age of 12. It was a gift from my grandfather, a 1960? era Minolta SRT 101. He taught me the basics of how to take a photo, but it was not until years later, that I truly learned how to capture artistic photographs.

As a child, I found taking photos to be very interesting and entertaining. Unfortunately, like many hobbies we have as children, after a couple of years, I moved on to something else.

Years later, in college, I was pursuing my degree in Civil Engineering, when I had a defining moment in my life, I was required to take a general art elective class. This class was unlike any other class I had taken. Although, I feel I have always had an appreciation for art, this class, the students, and especially my teacher, transformed and inspired me. I suddenly had the urge to not only appreciate, but also to create art. It was from this moment forth that I began to rediscover my love of photography.

It has been five years since my self-proclaimed metamorphosis, from someone who appreciates art to someone who creates art. I now find that my Engineering profession and my photography compliment each other. At work, I try to find new, creative, and more visually appealing ways to perform tasks. In my photography, I find that I pay attention to details, such as manmade structures and the geometry found in nature, which, I can relate to, due to my engineering coursework.

I have found that my photography has made me a better and more well rounded person and plan on pursuing it for many years to come.