While hiking around the Pyramids, I was continuously accosted by men who wanted me to pay them large sums of money to ride on their camel or horse. I would tell the men no and continue to walk around the perimeter of the pyramids taking my photographs. While on the far side of the pyramids, away from most of the tourists, vendors, and tourist police, I noticed a male tourist climbing up the side of a smaller pyramid while his Egyptian guide encouraged him continue and his wife looked on nervously. It was here that I met Mohamed. He approached me on his horse and asked me if I wanted to ride on his helicopter. He then proceeded to tell me that his horse's name was Helicopter. His sense of humor convinced me. As we were galloping through the Sahara desert to get a better view of the pyramids, we stopped to take a break and talk to his friend, a camel operator, who I had declined a ride with earlier in the day... Notice the sprawling view of Cairo on the right.